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AVI MOGRABI, RELIEF ET DETAILS - [ Traduire cette page en français ]

Born in 1956 in Israel, Avi Mograbi is director, actor, cinematographer, producer and screenwriter. After studying philosophy and art, he turned to documentary cinema in his films and favors subjects directly related to the situation in his country. His feature films have made him a committed filmmaker, especially critical of the Israeli government. Trained in philosophy, Avi Mograbi explores multiple borders (psychological, geographical, symbolic, mental…) From film to film, Avi Mograbi constructed a unique work in the world of cinema. His documentaries reflect the political and military situation in Israel and Palestine, but also in an emotional way, the Mograbi home, place for political debate, a small family business of film production. Each time, it’s about making a film at the moment of the situation, the military occupation and the intifada, religion and politics, colonization and the attacks. But before anything, it’s about Avi Mograbi himself, of his equals and others, of the human and the urgency to film. Starting from his documentary films, he also performs spatial installations that we are presenting: The Details. This is the simultaneous projection of scenes taken from his films, to create a non-linear space, chaotic and disturbing: another way to report from an artistic point of view of the reality of the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. Each screening is variable in length and simultaneously creates juxtapositions and unexpected relationships: the installation is moving and therefore never the same. The viewer is immersed in the heart of events, almost overwhelmed by the images. The videos explore themes such as border crossings between two territories, a series of telephone conversations between Mograbi and a Palestinian friend, banned from leaving, images showing the construction of a heroic Israel, the opposite of reality, or even soldiers trying to prevent Avi Mograbi from filming. 1
If the distribution and recognition of his work in France started in the beginning of the year 2000, it has been twenty years since Avi Mograbi, via film and video installations, stubbornly holds up a mirror to the Israeli society, to show her what she does not want to see.
Coming from a Zionist family, Avi Mograbi breaks early with his family positions. He studies at the Art school in Ramat Hasharon and philosophy at the University of Huperlink. When he started in the movie business, he became the assistant of Claude Lelouch and chauffeur in a film of Costa-Gavras.
During the war against Lebanon, he became the spokesman for a group of soldiers who refused incorporation. This episode had him put in jail for a few days.
In 1989 he directed the short film Deportation, awarded at Short Film Festival in Krakow. He than turned to documentary, focusing on topics directly related to the situation in his country. He realized in1997 his first feature film, How I learned to overcome my fear and love Ariel Sharon, a scathing critique of a false naïve against the Israeli right and one of its most emblematic re-representatives. The film lays the foundation for a very committed work between fiction and reality. His third feature film August (before the explosion), through which he goes against an Israeli government that is doing everything possible so that no one could testify abroad of what is happening in the occupied territories. Avi Mograbi tries, and despite the difficulties and pressures suffered, to be able to hear a different story and process of self-criticism in Israel.

1 Extract from the press release of Maison des Métallos

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