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ANTONI MUNTADAS ...AND WITH THIS? - [ Traduire cette page en français ]


We often face in everyday life colloquialisms that are a hidden meaning that we do not see at first. Places and times when they are uttered allow us to detect the intentions they hide.
The formula…and with this? Even if it seems benevolent, it is an incentive for the consumer because it invites us to ask if we need anything else and thus encourage us to consume more. Those present, taken as witnesses, find themselves, one way or another, they also directly involved in the ritual of the financial transaction that is then played.
The world of art, the market, galleries and collectors that constitute it, have identical rules and transactions are executed in the same principles. The consumer, either client of a classic trade or of an art gallery, is considered similarly in both cases since converge the will to sell and the potential to buy, two essential factors to all transactions.
Words, phrases, and images all have a sense of purpose behind which lurks another meaning, that is revealed only from observation and analysis.

Muntadas 2014

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