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THÉO MERCIER "HUNTED, HAUNTED" - [ Traduire cette page en français ]



Faithful to its policy to open the museum to contemporary art, making it possible to link mankind to nature inspired by the creators of our times, the museum of hunting and nature (Musée de la chasse et de la nature) invites a young artist. With Hunted Haunted, Théo Mercier is having his first show in a museum, for which he received the prize of Young Talents in Paris, category visual arts given by the City of Paris. The exhibit is presented in partnership with paridudessin.com by the salon of contemporary drawings.

Discover the sad state of Lady
Nature, its Destiny and its Future,
its Glory and its Failure.
Open the curtain, let the black
touch your skin and sigh of ease.
Everything has been prepared for your venue.
The green is put.
Don’t tell anyone, keep the secret
to yourself: ecology is a bearded woman
and she lives in this museum.

From his trips to Naturie, Théo Mercier brought back treasures with multiple faces, unknown creatures, supernatural and primal cosmologies that invite us to (re) discover. For Hunted Haunted is above all an invitation: a slow voyage in a mysterious gallery familiar yet foreign, a déjà-vu confusing, a strangeness, landscapes and humans between reality and fantasizes animals. And, as the scenery suggests, here the eye prevails, the triple glance of an elephant actual size, the blue eyes of a mutant genetically modified by mankind, all asks us questions and the roles are reversed in this damaged contemplation: Dreamed Nature or lost Nature? Future prophesied or passed resurrected? Who is executioner and who is victim? Who is the hunter and who is the game? Is one to smile and have fun or tremble and be devoured? Must we save these deformed beings or shorten their suffering?
In this face-to-face questions rush to us that remind us of this tragedy: modified nature by mankind become human. Too human to be honest. But whatever the answers are to these questions, the cabinet of curiosities of Théo Mercier continue with lightness and color the journey through continents, elements, our senses and subject matters. Five installations plunged in the darkness for better perceiving the essence and the violence, the phosphorescence of the silkscreen which jumps to our face, a journey that invites the marvelous: the bias is resolutely for wakening the visitor after having him hypnotized.
Because our eyes are tired, our eyes believe to know the green and the earth, the trees and the animals, the winds and the oceans. In truth we for a long time to not see anything anymore and cry watching the glaciers melt.
So Théo Mercier decides to kick the anthill, to insist on the sensitive points and to question us on the wild state of things, on the place we leave to our origins, on the place we do not leave to them anymore. No moral to this story, it must be festive and precise. That is why the improbable meeting and yet evident of the perennial and the lifeless is in the center of the work presented today by this young artist who has a large palette, sculpture, painting, photography, silkscreen, all is put together to celebrate Nature in all its states, to deliver the prophesies and transmit the hidden taboos in the totems.
Wake up the crowd and hypnotize them, to try to change their look on things that is called an enchantment, a magic spell. It is rather normal because this man is a little sorcerer. Like all of us. Like Lady Nature.

Jérôme Lambert

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