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HRAFKNELL SIGURDSSON "PRINTS OF BODY & LIGHT" - [ Traduire cette page en français ]

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Exhibit from April 26 to July 5, 2008
In his most recent works Hrafnkell Sigurdsson frequently treats topic of the wasting while referring with packing, this sign obvious of the consumer society. His recent triptych is a perfect example. Etymologiquement a triptych means folded in three, which in fact is a sort of wrapping around oneself, because the wrapped object is missing. For the layman a triptych is thus a simple empty cover, equal to the advertising images of papers and plastics in rainbow colors that appear almost symmetry in the work of Sigurdsson when the shutters fold back on to the center part.
Associations are multiple, even if nothing in his works can be of only one significance. The wrapping paper sends us back directly to Freud, in his “Faintness in the Civilization “ of 1929. Scattered papers, that littered the paths of the Viennese forest and that the psychiatrist took as a sign incompatible with a civilized state, but nevertheless the most evident signs of our civilization. Perhaps it is sad, but although it is in waste that we are above the other animals. The one who fills the fastest the garbage dump is the most estimated and consequently the most civilized.

It is the other side of this material germination, or rather behind it, that appear the spiritual reality, in a desolate land under the snow, which sends us back to the famous poem of Eliot of 1922, a disconcerting expression of a cultural uneasiness that Sigurdsson as an Icelandic, has tested recently with the monstrous installation of two imposing river glaciers in the east of the country on the vastest virgin area in Europe. With the highest dam on the continent we could supply an aluminum factory on the spot with enough energy to produce all the packaging that is necessary to satisfy the whole world. But it is not the only of that that the triptychs of Sigurdsson talk about, but also, other hidden readings suggested in this work.

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