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ANTONI MUNTADAS (PROJECT" - [ Traduire cette page en franšais ]


A PROJECT FOR InSite : 2005

Fear/Miedo is a televised intervention by Antoni Muntadas, which is based on the production of a video work that weaves together interviews with people who experienced the tensions of the border zone on a daily basis, archival television footage that refer to the idea of fear on the journalistic material. The video aims to reveal how fear is a translated emotion; revealing itself in different ways on both sides of the border as a cultural/sociological construction based on politics and economics. On Translation: Fear/Miedo was created to be broadcasted between August and November 2005 in four distinct locations that connect the centers of power/decision making with the places where these policies are evident everyday: Tijuana, San Diego, Mexico City, and Washington, DC.

DVD duration: 30:25 min.

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