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PATTY CHANG - [ Traduire cette page en français ]

«Looking at your own reflection is an act of seducing yourself», proclaims Patty Chang, who has made a career of such self-reflection. The artist documents her own performances with deliberate endurance, relentlessly probing issues of identity both through her events and by capturing them on film. When she takes the position of a Chinese contorionist for hours on end, the agonizing pose lives on in photographs-as does its revelation as a trick with mirrors. Chang’s endless sipping of a reflective pool of water (until she literally swallowed her own image) is similarly caught on looping video.

For Chang, each theatrical act is finite: «The performance is no longer when it is photographed or shot on video. It retains a performative element, but is now another generation removed : it becomes an intentional digression. The performative element is a basis of so much work today that I think it is almost impossible to escape. Performance will always be relevant in the different ways that it informs all other mediums of art, even if it suffers from its own transcient beauty».

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